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Download: Plagiarism-Finder 1.3

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  • Internet makes it easier than ever to plagiarize papers

    Statistics from established universities show that at least 30 percent of scholarly and academic papers are complete or partly copied from the Internet (from term papers, presentations, final year projects to dissertations).

    Makes examinations possible from any PC

    Plagiarism-Finder is a Windows application that runs on every PC with Internet access. You select the documents for checkup an start the examination with a mouse click. After minutes you receive the results as detailed report on your screen. The program generates a report highlighting concurrent passages and gives you a link to the source.

    Review from download.com:

    "The user-friendly interface lets you quickly select any number of files for examination" [...] "the program does a good job" "a handy weapon for teachers and professors"

    New features in release 1.0.9 (07 June 2004)

    Direct import of PDF- and HTML-documents; additional to the import of Microsoft Word documents (DOC), TXT and RTF (without installation of the source application).

    Between term papers now you can check other Websites whether they use your copyrighted texts.

    No additional fees!

    You pay once and use Plagiarism-Finder forever with an unlimited number of documents!

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